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Allows the user to modify software settings, create forms/reports and invoicing


Air Maintenance© allows you to create dashboards and it also comes with several pre-created items.


Contains the time clock and message center


Contains contact, quote and sales order screens


This section is used for the creation of purchase orders, repair orders and to maintain inventory processes.


Contains all the quality functions used in the software

Work Order

This section deals with all things related to the work order

Tech Screen

This screen both web based and desktop based allows techs to work on work orders


Great features you'll love.

Air Maintenance© was specifically designed to meet the needs of both small and large business aviation repair facilities as a complete solution to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve performance, and maximize productivity. We have designed Air Maintenance© over the past ten years to be the complete aviation repair station software solution that can be customized for you.

Loaded With Features

Air Maintenance© is loaded with features, including inventory control, purchasing, employee tracking and training module, managed capabilities list, incident reporting and tracking, work order scheduling and a web-based customer portal to just name a few.

Air Maintenance© Engine

The Air Maintenance© engine allows for quick customization of the software in any programming language, if the language can be ran on a windows machine. The engine performs all the functions need by the software, the user interface is simply a method of accepting and displaying data. That is why the user interface and quickly be adapted to a web-app environment.

Stylish Design

Easily installable and user-friendly, Air Maintenance© will get your technicians off the computer and on the shop floor doing what they do best. In enforcing the belief that the software should work for you, not the other way around. With the option to be either computer based or web based, with a simple internet connection we can help you install the software to fit your specific needs.

Clean Code

The Air Maintenance© is object oriented in its design and all classes either except or return data in either a pre-designed structure, variable or data table.

Easy To Customize

Because of the Air Maintenance Engine© web-based user interfaces are easily designed and create per the users specifications. The main windows based program will then be able to complement any web design you may need.

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The Air Maintenance© Licensing
This software is licensed using a concurrent user schema. This means that the software will allow you to add as many users as you like but the number of licenses determine the number of users that can be logged into the software at any given time.

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