Air Maintenance Administration


System Setup

  • General Setting
    • Allows the user to store all the general settings, such as company address, certifications, pricing defaults, and company logo
  • Other Settings
    • Allows the user to add/edit and remove cached items such as units of measure, company departments, etc.
  • Default RTS Statements
    • Allows the user to enter as many return to service statements as needed. These statements are listed as part of the final statement of the logbook entry or entry into block 12 of 8130-3
  • Scheduled Reports
    • Allows users to schedule interal reports to run a specific times and send them to specific people.
  • View Report Schedule
    • Allows user to view currently scheduled reports and modify that schedule

System Security

This section allows the administrator to set access rights for all users, including the ability to delete, view files and delete files


Air Maintenance© has a built in general ledger that default accounts can be assigned to. Air Maintenance© also can directly link to QuickBooks© and export importable files for Microsoft Great Plains Accounting. The general ledger in Air Maintenance© can only be accessed for reporting purposes, direct modification is not allowed.

The accounts can be entered into the system and then assigned to the following default account types:

  • Inventory
  • Inventory Scrap
  • Inventory Variance
  • Outside Services
  • PO Awaiting Three Way Match
  • Labor Payroll
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory WIP (Work In Progress)
  • Labor WIP (Work In Progress)
  • Manufacturing WIP (Work In Progress) Inventory
  • Manufacturing WIP (Work In Progress) Labor
  • Outside Services WIP (Work In Progress)
  • Rotable WIP (Work In Progress) Inventory
  • Rotable WIP (Work In Progress) Labor
  • SIP (Sales Order In Progress)
  • Bank
  • Inventory COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)
  • Labor COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)
  • RTC Account (Return to Customer)
  • Warranty Labor
  • Warranty Inventory
  • AR (Accounts Receivable)
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing Labor Scrap
  • Manufacturing Inventory Scrap
  • Tax Account

FAA Import

This section allows the user to import the FAA Registration database

Employee Center

Allows the administrator to add employees/users to the system. It also provides a means to add files, enter schedule, add employee certificates, view training history and enter classes from previous employment

Report Creation

This section allows the user to add their own form and reports to the system, this WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface is easy to use and allows the user to link their report to the database to populate the report a print time.

Dash Board Designer/Viewer

The dashboard designer allows the user to create multiple dashboards, these dashboards are real time so as items change the dashboard will also change. This easy to use, user interface is one of the most powerful reporting functions in the software. This can create dashboards that can show current status of all of your currently opened work orders/employees, it can be linked to any data gathered in the software. Once create the user can save the dashboard to be viewed in the dashboard viewer.

The viewer allows the user to load the dashboards and display them.

Diagram Designer

This section allows the user to create flow charts, block diagrams etc.

Spread Sheet/PDF Viewer/Word Processor

This section of the software allows the user to open Excel©, Word© and PDF files directly from the software with the use of Microsoft Office©