Air Maintenance Employee


Create Override Code

This section allows the creation of an override code, this code can be given to an employee temporary rights to sign off as an inspector or RTS a work order. This code is only usable for one hour and only can be used once.

Time Clock

Time clock allows the employees to clock into, change, or clock out of a department. Depending on the department the user may be required to enter in work that was done during the time they were clocked in.

View Messages

Air Maintenance© has a built-in message system, to determine what messages are delivered to whom the user will need to access the employee center under administration and select what section each employee is to receive notifications for.

Batch Time

Air Maintenance© does not recommend any facility use this section, however, we understand that there may be a time an employee will need to work on more than one work order at a time. Air Maintenance© allows users, based on security access, to manually enter time track on multiple work orders at a time via the Batch Time Screen