Air Maintenance Quality



Air Maintenance© has a managed capabilities list and the list is determined by the facility type. If the facility is a component repair or an aircraft maintenance facility the capabilities screen will change accordingly

Incident Report/Tracking

Air Maintenance© has an Incident Report and Tracking System, this system allows the user to create and track incident reports

  • Incent Report
    • Allows the user to enter all required information about the incident including a summary of the event.
  • Root Cause Analysis
    • Allows the user to enter in the root cause of the incident and assign the root cause analysis to specific employees.
  • Root Cause Diagram
    • Allows the user to create a diagram of the root cause
  • Corrective Action
    • Allows the user to enter in the corrective action and assign ownership to the corrective action, implementation, and verification of the implementation. The owners have the ability to sign off the items that have been assigned to them
  • Files Saved with Incident
    • Allows the saving of files to the incident number
  • Incent History
    • Allows the user to view all incident history in the system.

Audit Tracking

Air Maintenance© has an audit tracking system that allows a facility to enter and schedule vendor and self-audits and track findings.

  • Audit
    • Allows the user to enter and schedule audits for either a vendor or self-audit, to include the list of auditors and audit scope
  • Findings
    • Allows the user to enter findings of the audit and determine if those findings are observation, or if correction is required. They may also enter the findings, action taken and any root cause analysis that may be necessary
  • Finding History
    • Is a report of all finding history of the selected audit number.
  • Files
    • Allows the user to save or scan files to the selected audit.
  • Audit Schedule
    • Is a calendar view of all audits scheduled, and also has the ability to export to an iCal file

Scheduled Equip Maintenance

Scheduled Equipment Maintenance allows a facility to enter and track the maintenance on all equipment and it also allows the user to save files with the selected equipment

Dymo Labels

Air Maintenance© is integrated with Dymo 450 label writers, this screen allows the user to save the label created in the dymo software into Air Maintenance©


The tools section of Air Maintenance© allows users to track both calibrated tools and non-calibrated tools.

  • Tools
    • Allows the user to view all tools in the system and all tools in red indicate that the tools calibration has expired
  • Calibrated Tool Log
    • Report that shows all calibrated tools
  • Assign Tools To Techs
    • Allows the user to assign tools to employees
  • Tools Assigned to Techs
    • A report that shows all tools that have been assigned to technicians
  • Tool/Work Order History
    • Report that shows all work orders that a tool has been assigned to

Training Module

Training module allows the user to create classes, assign classes to employees or groups, enter course completions and OJT report

The OJT report is created when a user clocks into a discrepancy and marks it is a training time track.

Document Center

Allows a facility to enter and tracking repair station documentation, including the date of verification and the next verification due.