Air Maintenance Work Order Scheduling

Work Order Scheduling is unique to Air Maintenance©. In Air Maintenance© as quotes, work orders, line service or manufacturing orders are created they are added to the WO Schedule screen where the user can then assign discrepancies to technicians and monitor how many hours are pending and how many work hours they have available to assign to those work orders.

Open Work Orders

The open work orders screen allows the user to view all currently open work orders showing the number of discrepancies, techs assigned/hours assigned

By clicking on one of these work orders the user can then assign techs to discrepancies and indicate the number of hours they are to work on that discrepancy.

Scheduling Calendar

The scheduling calendar shows all work orders/quotes/line service/manufacturing orders and their current status'.

Scheduling Calendar List View

This is a grid form of the Scheduling Calendar that can be exported to Excel©.

Employee Schedule View

This allows the user to schedule employees and export that schedule to an iCal download

Book vs Available

This report shows the book hours verses the available hours

Manhours Per Customer

This report shows the number of manhours that have been used or assigned, grouped by the customer

Scheduling Matrix

This report shows all the different scheduling matrix all listed by day, week, or month:

  • Hours Quoted
  • Hours Approved
  • Hours Pending Approval
  • Hours Available for Sale